In the past few decades technology has changed the way live and is transforming our lives at a fast pace. We see that Automation is going to make this world much productive and efficient enabling the human race to eliminate the hurdles for growth and prosperity. As the digitization is the norm these days people are demanding for autonomy, transparency, efficient and fast services at every phase of their lives, be it from government or the large organizations whose products/services people buy. This requires huge investments in the infrastructure be it by the government and businesses. With the introduction and success of the internet at almost every corner of the world we are connected and whats next are amazing possibilities.

The time has come for democracies to redefine themselves to take the world to the next level where people have freedom, justice and autonomy to exercise their democratic rights. Bitcoin has shown the the world how there is no need for any central authority or huge investments by the governance bodies to enable digitization of the currencies. Blockchain technology on which the bitcoin runs has so many use-cases that it can transform everything around us. Distributed computing will bring in automation to the level where government and businesses will be able to provide efficient services to their customers at a very low costs. This will bring in immutable systems with high security giving power to the citizens of democracy at a fraction of the cost. Here everyone will be a contributor to the system be it the government, businesses and people. We foresee a future with distributed Societies with distributed automated organizations enabled by distributed Automated Applications.

We BlockchainMantra are a small drop in the ocean pursuing this dream to help our societies to implement and run Distributed automated Apps. Our journey has started where we will reinvent ourselves at every nook and corner of this journey.

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